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Get your Delorean ready and start warming the engine!!!

It's ALMOST time to go back to The Weddings!!! With the announcement from our dearly loved Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that "weddings will be able to go ahead as normal from the Spring", we at Miami Vibe 80s Band are sitting on our driveways in our Deloreans, revving the engines like Maniacs, yelling "IT'S TIME!!!...TIME TO GO BACK!!!!" So it's been confirmed, it's nearly time to start playing all of our rescheduled 80s Wedding parties!! I suppose that means we all need to get back in the gym and get back down to our regular "non-lockdown" weight again! (Can you loose half your body weight within 3 months??...I suppose a haircut will get me most pdf the way there!) So we're very much looking forward to seeing you all in 2021!! We PROMISE we'll make it worth the wait for you!!! :) xx

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