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  • How much do you cost?
    Each event is different and so prices vary depending on a whole list of factors. However, we are cheaper than the competition and offer more for your money! Send us a quote request and you’ll be happily surprised!
  • Will you learn our first dance?
    Yes, we can certaintly learn and perform your first dance, or if you prefer to have the original record played, we can play the original mp3 through our DJ software. To learn and perform a first dance, we charge an additional £100. This is more of a token fee and doesn't represent the many hours of programming, learning and rehearsing that we each put into preparing a new song. Please note that due to high demand and time restrictions, we require a minimum of 90 days notice to learn a first dance, plus we have to assess our workload and schedule before agreeing to learn a track. These are all pretty standard requirements for any band, but other bands just aren't as transparent about it as we are. For full information, please read our section about FIRST DANCES.
  • What's included as standard?
    Everything! 2 X 1 Hour Sets Of Live Back-To-Back 80s Hits Our Full 4000W QSC PA System A Fully Programmed 34 Fixture Lighting Rig inc Smoke, Lasers, Strobes, Blinders, And 12 Moving Beams! LED Lit State Of The Art Digital Drum Kit LED Lit Keytar Costume Changes For Each Set FREE mp3 First Dance With Lighting PLUS ... Pre mixed DJ style music during the interval and after our set, up to 12 midnight!** **Only included for evening events where the band set finishes at 10:30 or later.
  • When will you arrive to set up and what's a typical schedule?
    As standard, our contracts and quotes assume a 17:00 arrival. This allows for us to get there after driving from the previous event the day before. We ask for 2 hours to set up and sound check. This ensures we're fully set up, sound checked and we've cleared the stage area of cases. We'll then go to the changing room you provide for us and get changed and we usually eat at this point. If you want us to perform straight away, then we'll need a longer break (an hour) between sets to eat before Set 2 instead. Arriving earlier than 17:00 may not be possible due to other commitments earlier in the day, or travelling long distances from other events. A typical schedule for us would be: 17:00 - Arrive to set up (usually while people are eating...we'll be discreet!). 19:00 - Finish Setting up and put background music on. 19:00 - We go to the changing room you've provided for us and eat. 19:40 - We get changed into our stage clothes 20:00 - First dance and straight into Set 1 of our performance. 21:05 - Set 1 finishes and we go for a break. We put on some dancefloor music for you. 21:45 - Set 2 starts. 23:00 - If we do some encores, we'll finish at around 23:00. Encores are dependant on various factors including our vocal stamina...(and if the drummer hasn't collapsed from exhaustion yet...) 23:00 - We'll provide more dance-floor music from our unmanned DJ software, up until your venue's music curfew, but no later than midnight.
  • Do you play requests?
    Due to the way we run the set with fully programmed lights, programmed guitar sound changes, keyboard sound changes and even automated mixing desk changes, we're unable to do the whole 'juke box band' thing and customise our set for each event. Further more, since our sets have no gaps between songs and medley perfectly from one song to the next, we have to learn how and when each segway occurs. As a result, slotting in a new song is not only technically very difficult and time consuming, but it also fries our little brains, as we've learnt the 'set' as a whole. To see a full list of the songs we play and the order we play them in, see our set lists by clicking here. We do provide a free unmanned DJ service for both between and after our sets up to midnight in which you can pre-arrange to have some requests included. Please note: this is an unmanned DJ service, so no-one will be DJ-ing throughout the night, it's a playlist which we pre-arrange and mix before your event. We have several playlists to choose from, ranging from 70s to the latest hits, so weather you want 80s dancefloor fillers or more modern party anthems, we've got them all!
  • What are your set times?
    We perform 2 x 1 hour sets of non-stop party music with a half hour to 1 hour break in between sets. All of our bookings are quoted for with a start time no earlier that 7:00pm and a 12:00 midnight finish as we need to pack down and get to our next performance. If you need us to finish later, let us know within your quote request.
  • Do we need to provide food and drinks for you?
    Ohhh my favorite question!! :) Yes please!! We are a full time band, so we go away each week and perform at anything up to 5 events in a row, which means we quite often won't have eaten all day until we get to you. So the meal you provide us with is likely to be the only meal we get to eat all day!....and there's only so much Harribo a man can take! lol With this in mind, each conract includes the requirement for you to provide us with 4 cooked meals and free soft drinks throughout our time at your event.
  • How much stage space do you require?
    The bigger the better! However, we require a minimum of 5 meters width by 3.5 meters depth to fit in our lights, PA, drums and 3 front men. If you're space is limited to less than this, let us know and we will see what we can do to accomodate.
  • How many power sockets do you need?
    We require a minimum of 2 reliable power sockets located on the stage/performance area. So these need to be individual sockets on the wall, not a multi-socket extension lead coming from one socket. Although we can set up with just 2 sockets, we prefer 4 sockets if possible.
  • Do you mind where you perform?
    Not at all! However, we do ask that if we’re performing outdoors, you provide a roof over our heads and walls behind us and to both sides, to protect us and our gear from the elements. Unexpected rain can and has happened, and is VERY expensive without protection. We also highly recommend putting us in the same room as the bar. Trust us, this can make or break an event! :)
  • How loud are you?
    As loud or as quiet as you require! Due to the very latest technology we employ, we are able to perform at volumes suitable for up to around 1000 people, or we can turn right down to speech level and sound exactly the same! Even the drums get turned down, but still sound just as powerful!!
    Minimum Stage size/performance area: 5 meters wide & 4 meters deep. A minimum of 4 reliable wall power sockets (not a 4 way). We ask for 2 hours to set up, although we can (and often do) set up in less time. However, we'd rather ask for more time and not need it than have a technical issue and cause things to be late. We're very used to setting up quietly while people are eating, this is actually very normal for us! Things such as not being provided a changing room, not having easy access to the stage or parking spaces can all lead to delays, so getting these details right will really help us give you the best and smoothest experience. Two free parking spaces, one of which is located at the door to the performance venue, so we can unload the van. The closer this door is to the stage, the faster we will be setting up for you. A clear path from the loading in doors to the stage area. Some of our gear is large and heavy, so we’d rather not be wresting with tables or trying to squeeze through crowds while carrying it! ;) If you are planning to have us perform outside, you must provide a waterproof roof, back and sides to protect us from the elements. The roof will need to overhang the front of the stage to protect our speakers and front-of-stage lights. We cannot risk our equipment being rained on, no matter how 'unlikely' it may feel that it won't happen. We also need to be on a hard, solid floor or staging. Our staging size requirements are 5 meters width x 4 meters depth. We will require a dedicated room for the band. Somewhere warm and dry for us to hang around in throughout our time at the venue, get changed in and eat in etc. Please note: a "toilet" is not sufficient. All wedding venues provide a bridal suite or have various rooms, and though they may need convincing, your venue will need to provide this for us. We will need to be fed and watered! (Standard contract thing for professional working bands). We work a very long, hard day (usually around 21 hours) and we usually don't have time to stop and eat! So the meal you provide us will likely be the only meal we get to eat all day. With that in mind, we ask for 4, substantially sized hot meals (as apposed to just evening snacks) either before we go on, or during a 1 hour break between sets. Our dietary requirements are: 3 meat (of which 1 is gluten free) and 1 vegetarian (no fish or meat). Please can you also ensure free water and soft drinks are made available to us throughout our time at the venue...else we may pass out during the show! We've found that a bar tab is often the easiest way for clients to arrange this. That way we don't need to bother anyone whenever we need a drink. Thanks! Please note, these requirements are stipulated within all of our booking contracts.
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