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80s Wedding Band



Miami Vibe 80s Band are the most in-demand 80s wedding band in the UK. We perform over 100 events every year, many of which are weddings. While you may not wish to have a full-on 80s themed wedding, we know what an important role 80s music has played in your lives! Many of us grew up listening to these songs and they shaped us, brought us together and influenced us and who we've become in more ways than we can imagine! Your wedding is not just a celebration of love and an exciting look into the future, but it's also very much about the past and what made you into the incredible people you are today! Having music that REALLY means something to you on your wedding day is as important as the wedding dress, the rings and the photos you'll cherish for a life time! It's our mission to help you create the most breath-taking wedding reception imaginable and to give you and your guests a party that stands out in your memories for a lifetime! Get in touch now and see what a difference we can make to your day!

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We know just how important it is to keep the dance floor PACKED "All Night Long"!! So with that in mind, we engineered our sets to be seamless medleys, a never ending barrage of the greatest 80s hits to ever grace your ears! It's like having your favourite mix-tape playing live before your very eyes! Each track transitions perfectly into the next, with no gaps, no waiting around between songs, no pointless drivel or bad jokes from the band...just NON-STOP PARTY!!! This means the music never stops...and your guests never leave the dancfloor! We deliver the most full on, non-stop, dance-floor filling 80s party sets this side of 1989... and we've NEVER seen an empty dancefloor yet!!

To see our current touring set, please visit our SET LISTS page.


If you haven’t already, be sure to Get A Quote from us and book early to avoid disappointment.



We perform 2 X 1 hour sets of back to back 80s party tracks with NO GAPS between songs. Each track mixes seamlessly into the next, just like a professionally mixed 80s mix tape, only we perform it live!! This means the music never stops and the dancefloor never empties!!


We come fully loaded with a 34 fixture lighting rig that's been professionally programmed to each track in our set. All the hits, mood changes and explosions of the music are exploited by our lighting rig to further amplify the atmosphere of the performance. We use lasers, moving beams, strobe lights, colour washes, blinders, derbys, smoke and UV lights to turn any room into a stadium-feel rock concert! Even our drums and keytar are lit with LEDs! To see how our lighting rig looks in action, check out our live videos on our VIDEOS page!

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Our sound system isn't the average sound system most bands go out with. We partnered up with one of the worlds leading PA manufacturers QSC, who helped us put together a top of the line 4000W PA system, capable of playing to up to 1000 people with a full, chest pounding sound that doesn't hurt your ears!



We are able to play at any volume, so if you have a sound limiter, or you want us to perform for a more intimate gathering, we have the ability to do that. We can even play as quietly as speech volume! This is made possible by use of our custom built electronic drums and our in-ear monitoring system. The loudest thing on our stage is our singing!


We perform in FULL STEREO!!! Due to technical complications, most bands will only go out in mono. They'll have two speakers of course, Left and Right, but both sides will give out the same sound. We invested in the extra equipment needed to give you a full stereo mix....because....come on!!....Those 80s synths just wouldn't be the same in boring mono!! This means that our sound completely engulfs you and has an almost 3D feeling! You have to hear it to believe it! :)



OOOH YEA....we perform costume changes between sets! The 80s decade had so many cool clothes, so we couldn't settle for just one outfit for the band, we had to mix it up a little! We dress in slick 80s clothes that are NOT cheesy or garish, but more like

'Miami Vice' meets 'Van Halen'! Set 1 sees us wearing a more Pop style outfit and then Set 2 is more of an Arena-Rock style outfit.


Upon request, we can provide you with an add-on pack to take your party experience up to 11 on the fun factor!! For just £50 (for the first 100 guests), we'll provide you with inflatable guitars, saxophones, beachballs, bananas and a heap of glow sticks for your guests to enjoy! Plus, we'll blacklight the entire dancefloor, so all your clothes will light up like Christmas trees!!!


We can even hire you inflatable props such as guitars, saxophones, bananas and glow sticks!
Just ask for a

"GLOW BOX!" when enquiring. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to Get A Quote from us and book early to avoid disappointment.



Your first dance is one of the most important moments of your wedding day, and we want it to be perfect for you!

It's the song which defines you as a couple and will remain 'your song' for as long as you both shall live. 

There are two choices when it comes to how you'd like your first dance to be delivered.

It's important to remember that while asking a band to perform your first dance "live" may initially grab you as the right thing to do, many people forget that this will be the band's own interpretation of the song and it won't sound the same as the version you've grown so fond of. The instruments and production will be different and the singer's voice will be different, in fact, the entire sound of it will be different! While Miami Vibe make EVERY effort to make our first dance performances sound as close to the original as possible, this isn't always possible and you may prefer to have the original mp3 played through our DJ software instead.

If you do decide to ask us to perform your first dance please remember that we'll need to discuss this and confirm it with the band before we agree to perform it. All this means, is we'll need to check that we're capable of doing a great job of re-producing it for you, which often comes down to the range of the lead vocal and the complexity of the track. While it would be an honour to perform your first dance for you, we want to do an incredible job for you, hence the extra checks before we commit to it.

To learn and perform a first dance, we charge an additional £100. This is more of a token fee and doesn't represent the many hours of programming, learning and rehearsing that we each put into preparing a new song. Please note that due to high demand and time restrictions, we require a minimum of 60 days notice to learn a first dance, plus we have to assess our workload and schedule before agreeing to learn a track. These are all pretty standard requirements for any band, but other bands just aren't as open about it as we are! ;) 


It's not necessary to decide on a first dance at the time of booking or signing the contract, as you can decide closer to the time and the extra fee can be added to the final balance you pay, rather than the initial booking fee. 

We know the level of PROFESSIONALISM

that’s required to make your day

absolutely PERFECT for you!


Jessica Morgan (The Beats Wedding Band) - Wedding Party - Pembrokeshire

I cannot recommend these guys enough! They came all the way down to perform at our wedding in Wales and totally smashed the set! The boys were incredibly accomodating and so professional and certainly kept everyone on their feet all night long!

Neil Goulding - Stowe School Ltd, Private Party, Stowe House, Buckinghamshire, Buckinghamshire

Hired for a sixth form ball, the students absolutely loved the band. Feedback included; "best night ever" and " I didn't realise I liked 80s music until tonight". The band were extremely professional and the show looked and sounded amazing. Would definitely recommend them.

Kayleigh Fyfe - KDM Events, Corporate, Staverton Estate, Northamptonshire

Just thought I would drop you an email to say what a wonderful evening we had – the band went down as a big success.  A fantastic night was had by all! Many thanks.

Sarah Cheetham - RPS Energy Ltd, Christmas Party - Surrey

Absolutely fabulous! Miami Wave are probably one of the best live bands I have ever seen. The set was a great mix of 80's and Christmas music, great for getting everyone in the party spirit. Everyone loved the music and the dance floor was full. They even managed to get those who normally refuse to dance up and having fun. The guys were so helpful and professional, and were a joy to work with. Highly recommended if you want a truly authentic 80's night.

Maria Jevons - Private Party - Surrey

Truly amazing! Had these wonderful guys play at my masquerade party on Saturday ( 23rd November 2019) The feedback from friends has been fantastic!!!!! Would definitely recommend and book them again. Thank you Miami Wave you were definitely the icing on the cake.
Maria x

John and Helen Wilson, Wedding, Surrey

WOW! You guys were simply amazing! You had so many compliments from guests, everyone wanted to know where I found you! You were so professional to deal with throughout and SO much fun on stage! My wife and I felt like kids again, back in high school! Loved your song choices and how you mixed them together. A really amazing experience we'll never forget! Thanks so much!

David Hutchins, Corporate, Manchester

The band were perfect. Highly professional and punctual. I've had nothing but compliments from all those who attended. I'll be recommending them for future corporate and private events.

Andrew - Party - Gloucestershire

Miami Wave blew us away! They were punctual, polite and a pleasure to be around from start to finish. They sounded so good the hairs on my arms stood up! The dancefloor was packed all night and we ended up moving the tables to make more room! Thanks so much for an amazing night, best birthday party ever!!

Vanessa - Corporate - London

Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much to all of Miami Wave for such an amazing night! Our employees couldn't have been happier with you, you totally rocked the stage! Hope to have you back next year!

Kate - Private Party - West Midlands

I saw these guys perform at my friends wedding party a few months ago and couldn't resist booking them for myself! So my husband and I had them play our one year wedding anniversary. They sounded just like the original records! It was such an amazing night with so many flash backs and great memories of the songs they played! They looked fantastic with all those lights and effects and they were such a nice group of guys! Thanks for everything!

If you haven’t already, be sure to Get A Quote from us and book early to avoid disappointment.

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