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Awesome NEW Video!

Miami Vibe 80s Band has just released a new promotion video! This is the third video released by the band and includes songs taken from their second set. The first video released by the band was a medley of songs taken from their first set and includes 10 songs in nine minutes! Each of their videos are a true representation of how the band sounds and performs live, with each song blending seamlessly into the next with no gaps! The band leader Tim Owen decided from the offset that the sets would run this way, as in his 20 years of performing for both function bands and touring with platinum selling artist Arkarna, he saw how quickly a dancefloor can empty when there's even a short gap in the music! By eliminating those gaps, Miami Vibe 80s Band give their clients the best possible chance of having a full dancefloor - "All Night Long! You can see all 3 of the bands videos by visiting

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