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Here We Go Again!!!

Miami Vibe 80s Band have been busy during lockdown!!! we've not done any gigs.....and no....we've not been to the gym....not even Josh our fact I hear he's consumed his own body weight in pizza over the last 4 months, oh no wait...that was me. Anyway!! We made a lockdown video! "What's a lockdown video?" I hear you ask! Well it's what bands do when they have no-one to perform to but still want to feel wanted and needed...they give us purpose...beyond life's calling to stock up the freezer with more pizza...

So we recorded ourselves performing Whitesnake "Here I Go Again" and released it just in time to celebrate the great Bo-Jo allowing us to perform outdoor 30 people...wearing hazmat suits and breathing through 15 layers of tarpaulin. Practical eh!? So the video is quite a long 5 and a half minutes! This is because we decided (I decided lol...) that we'd record the 2004 Live from London version of the track (see YouTube). With that in mind, you'll have to head over to our Instagram and watch it direct from there, or you can also see it on our facebook page. either way, you'll find us @miamivibe80sband. We recorded this song as it's a high energy track that fires on all cylinders....oh and it's now gone into our set and is the last song we play of the whole night!! So weather you're booking us for an 80s Party or to be your 80s wedding band, you'll be getting blasted away into the night by this monster track in 2021 onwards!!!

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