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I feel the need....

...the need for an epic start to our set! After very little thought or consideration, I recently added a truly epic intro to our fist set! It's 80s, it's from a's totally awesome...I bet you can't guess what it is!?!? Now every UK 80s party and wedding we play will have the extra edge of entertainment as we build the tension before exploding into a full 2 hours of 80s party music! Even all the UK 80s wedding parties we perform at will get the full treatment! Miami Vibe are not just an 80s band, we're a full on 80s party experience...taking entertainment and making it slick! I've seen too many bands wearing clothes they pulled out of the wash bin, performing weddings as if they were at a local jam night and charging the earth for it! ....Not on my watch!!! ;)

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