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"The BEST 80s party we could have imagined!”


“SO much energy!”


“You were the highlight of our day! Absolutely perfect!”


“Your sound and lighting blew 

us away! Best party ever!”


“Unbelievable, Miami Vibe are Simply The Best!”

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If you're looking for the most in demand 80s band in the UK, you just found them!

Miami Vibe 80s Band | 80's Bands and Artists

Welcome to the home of Miami Vibe 80s Band!

When it comes to 80s music, we make it our business to put on a show that no other band can match. With two 1 hour sets of back to back, synth melting 80s hits, we guarantee (not legally binding) to get your sweatbands melting on the dance floor! Each track is reperformed with insane accuracy, recreating the same synth sounds and production value of your favourite 80s smash hits! We merge every song seamlessly into the next, which means the beat never stops and your guests never leave the dance floor! Miami Vibe 80s Band come with more lights than you could throw a very large glow stick at! Our professionally programmed, 34 fixture, concert style lighting rig fully immerses you and your guests into a "flash-back" concert experience beyond imagination! 

Miami Vibe supply everything you'd expect from a world-class touring band: concert-style lighting including strobes, moving beams, UV lights, lasers and smoke machines, costume changes between sets, not to mention a monster PA system and a light up custom electric drum kit (perfect for venues with a sound limiter). Designed from the bass up, Miami Vibe achieve a perfect mix at both large concert halls as we do at intimate weddings in a marquee. We deliver the same high quality sound no matter what the venue, so you always get the same world-class 80s Party experience, weather we're in your local football stadium or in your Gran's conservatory!


With over 60 years' experience between us, we've had the honour of performing for royalty, presidents and headlining festivals to over 300,000 people. We've packed out dancefloors at over 1000

WEDDINGS, PARTIES and CORPORATE EVENTS, so you can be fully confident that when you book Miami Vibe 80s Band, you're getting the very best this industry has to offer.


When it comes to requests, I'm sure you can imagine that with all the rehearsing of our unique 'zero gap sets' and the programming of our automated lights, guitar and keyboard sounds...(even our mix changes automatically on each track)...we're unable to do the whole 'human juke box' style of performance. However, we are happy to learn your first dance for a small token fee (due to high demand) and supply a free un-manned DJ service to keep you and your guests dancing 'All Night Long'! Read more about your FIRST DANCE on our dedicated WEDDINGS PAGE for full details.


In the world of Live Entertainment, Christmas is always just around the corner! With that in mind, we also have an 80s Christmas Set.  It's very similar to our current TOURING SET, only we've dropped a sprinkling of "jingle-tastic" festive favourites into it, that promise to get even the grumpiest of Grinches jumping on the dancefloor like Buddy The Elf!!


Miami Vibe 80s Band are the fastest booking 80s band in the UK with over 80% of enquiries converted into bookings, many within 72 hours, so dates fill up FAST! Be sure you get your date secured with us by sending us an ENQUIRY NOW!

From the moment you get in touch with us, we work hard to ensure you get the ultimate party experience on your day! Weather you want an 80s wedding party, an 80s birthday party, an 80s band at your corporate event or even if you just like 80s music, we'll play in your living room if it's big enough!!  In fact, although you don't need to theme your entire party towards 80s, we do offer options to take your party experience up to 11 on the fun factor scale! Just ask for a quote and we'll talk to you about how we can throw the kitchen sink in for you

There are various other 80s bands around, but non of them do what we do, so don't be fooled by imitations!

Watch our VIDEOS, see our live footage on our INSTAGRAM and get a quote on our ENQUIRIES page. 

Miami Vibe 80s Band | 80's Bands and Artists

Get your LOUDEST clothes on

Get your BIG HAIR ready

Bring your brightest coloured SHADES

just logo.png

are ready to PARTY like no other 80s BAND!!!

You’ll be thrown


with non-stop hits

from arguably the most FUN decade for party music...

The 1980s!!!

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